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Email list detail

12589 Records

All categories

Italy, Calabria

1.510,68 €

This database contains 12589 complete business registries, unique and always comprehensive of email address. They are sold outright, together with contractual guarantees on privacy and data validity.

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Email list details:


All categories


Italy, Calabria

Price list:

1.510,68 €

Available file formats:

EXCEL - TAB - CSV (others by request)


Consent granted + Public directories

Data included in the directory:

Email - Market category - Company name - Address - Postcode - City - Prov. - Telephone - Fax

Included resources:

Email template: + Ebook Smart Guide

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Final price:

1.510,68 € (VAT excluded)

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Bancomail database gives you all the necessary information to contact, quickly and easily, thousands of companies and professionals worldwide who need your product.

Email list sample:

Market category Email Company name Address Postcode Country Region Turnover Employees Telephone Fax
All categories ***zo@***om **eetu* & Travel **a Pa**bi* 122 00**45 Italy Calabria 50.000.000 € - **3*57**8**4 0*09*46**6
All categories i**so@***om **eti* T*u*s Di Be*n**di T*u*istik Sn* *i* M**cat* Vec**i* 11 00**45 Italy Calabria - 150 **5*56**3**1 0309*46**6
All categories k**us@***it John & W*l*e *ia B. M**ce**o 63 00**45 Italy Calabria 20.500.000 € - **0*469**0* 0509*46**6
All categories a**ri@***om B**to* **a T***in* 124 00**45 Italy Calabria - 60 **0*224**0* 0209*46**6

Specific profilings can be obtained by requesting a free and customized quote . For more information click here.