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We support Companies against the Covid19 Crisis

In the belief that Data-Driven Marketing strategies are even more efficient and necessary in the era of transformation we are experiencing, starting from March 12, 2020, we have reduced all our pricing with the aim of supporting struggling companies.

The current facilitation phase now foresees a fixed reduction of 30%, which can be cumulated with any reserved discounts.

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What makes our lists better, makes your Email Marketing better.
They call them manic procedures. We name it accuracy.

Email Marketing with Bancomail

We prepare our offer specifically for your email marketing, by selecting databases that can meet different needs and objectives, but always with the same high quality standard.

Our directories are checked by a qualified staff, familiar with local and language features that influence data structure. A team of 7 operators at national level and 5 at international level, one for each continent, increase and update the database with sophisticated IT tools. We are constantly keeping our database in line with market evolution, and we guarantee at 100% to deliver your campaign to the right prospect.


Data deduplication and normalization procedures.


Months to provide Privacy updates to every company of our database.


Warranties: Privacy, Accuracy and Professionality.

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How we prepare and manage every Database:

Data acquisition

The Bancomail database collects complying with the legislation in force only Italian or foreign companies or professionals who have freely indicated their contact details (electronic or not) by providing them directly or by publishing them in high quality sources (public and authorized third party lists). All companies within our database are informed preliminarily and then periodically on the methods, times and purposes of the treatment.

GDPR Compliance and Privacy Regulatory Proprietary sources First quality sources

Validation and verification

Daily the database is checked and updated by a dedicated department. All data relating to the various fields (e-mail, address, telephone, fax, zip, etc.) goes through 21 different processes of reflation, normalization and standardization in order to guarantee unique, updated and consistent data.

Deduplication DNS Test Validation Email validation Check email spamtrap & amp; honeypot, inconsistency

Geolocation and Normalization

Each company in the Database is complete of all the geolocation data aligned and formatted according to the ISO 3166 (Country Code and Name), ISO 3166-2: CC (Administrative Division 1 & 2) standards and according to proprietary standards for the standardization of the Cities (over 15 millions of georeferenced records), zipcode and address. The ITU standard is used for telephone number normalization.

Country code & amp normalization; country name Administrative normalization divisions 1 & amp; 2 Geolocation Address normalization & amp; zip code Phone number normalization & amp; fax

Product classification

Each company registered in the Database is converted into the following Bancomail classification: 26 sectors include 292 macro-categories, which in turn are subdivided into 1,879 micro-categories. Each company is then labeled with specifications for internal use that allow Bancomail's commercial consultants to provide the most relevant types of activities for the marketing of our customers.

26 sectors 292 macro-categories 1,879 micro-categories Over 350 additional information

Integrated data

Each record is distinguished by a business classification that also includes the turnover volume, the social form, the number of employees and other typical features (for example, the stars for hotels). VAT numbers are standardized according to national and local registers (EU VAT numbers, USA EIN TIN, India Bin, etc.) and the main social profiles of companies are available on request.

Economic Data Integration Social Integration VAT number normalization

Regulatory Compliance and GDPR

The data provided by Bancomail are sourced, processed and managed in full compliance with national laws and data protection (GDPR). The rights of the data subject to update, correction and cancellation are strictly respected and a feedback is given very quickly - as required by current regulations. After the first disclosure, we also periodically send a notification on the processing and updating of the data in order to guarantee an updated database in compliance with the principles of Data Protection.

Data sourced according to regulations Verifiable and manageable data by all the interested parties Blacklist management GDPR Ready

Support & warranties

Any non-working addresses are contractually replaced with equally others or - optionally - different characteristics or refunded with a bank transfer or a coupon. No record or recorded voice: our real-life operator is always at your disposal to provide you with free assistance, from pre-sale to post-sale, for any need: from the import to the management of the database.

Guaranteed replacement for any invalid address Pre and post sale assistance Compatible delivery platforms


Every operation on the Database is traced: from the acquisition of the data (source and date of treatment) to each following update, including possible cancellations. We also register every buyer for every single record: in this way we can specifically manage any disputes and we are able to offer supplementary register data - without the risk of duplicates - to customers who want to update their database.

Source and acquisition date Each modification can be tracked Each purchase can be tracked

mail box

An email is not forever

and not everything that has an @ is an email

With more than 8,000,000 companies worldwide, we invest a lot of time and resources to assure the quality of our database. Every day, 365 days a year, we carry out all the actions needed for its maintenance and functionality: storage and opt-in, profiling, updates, normalization, interviews, Privacy, opt-out removals, etc.

Finding emails on the web is easy, everybody can do it, but illegally purchased lists or compiled with poor knowledge can significantly compromise a company's reputation. That's why we carefully analyze all emails inserted into our database: to prevent Spam Trap, HoneyPot and other malware that may compromise your deliverability. In addition, we provide you only addresses that are processed in compliance with the privacy policy, this way you can focus only on your message.

Your reputation is important. Like ours.
That's why you can trust Bancomail.

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Policy on the processing of Bancomail customers and users data

Holder of data processing

Neosoft S.r.l. (P.IVA: 01288440991 - REA: GE 398030), based in Genoa, via Casaregis 30/13 - 16129 - Genoa

Telephone: +39 010 8681372 / +39 010 8446402

Fax: +39 010 8681383


Collected information

We collect information provided voluntarily from the moment you create your account, when you purchase products or services eg. company name, contact reference, address, email address and telephone number.

We also record information when you contact us by phone or chat, including requests for assistance or a quote and notes or details explaining what you have requested and how we have responded.

The failure of data provision will make it impossible for Neosoft to implement the contractual commitments or the user's request.

We also use cookies and similar technologies on our websites and mobile applications to collect information on interactions and usage. Consult the Cookie Policy for further details on the specific type of information we can collect and on your options regarding such data.

How do we use the collected information?

The data provided by the user are collected and processed for the following purposes:

  • - For carrying out customer relationship activities based on the contractual agreements.

  • - For administrative purposes and for the fulfillment of legal obligations such as accounting or tax disclosures or to comply with requests from the judicial authority.

  • - For statistical purposes, to improve our offer and service toward our customers and to identify and prevent fraud and abuse.

  • - In the presence of specific consent, for sending periodically by e-mail, newsletters and advertising material.

  • - In the case of sending a curriculum vitae, exclusively for selection purposes.

  • - Additionally, we use your information to create your account where we offer our services and give you visibility of the data we own, together with the methods of exercising your rights.

Which subjects are authorized to process your data? Are your data shared with third parties?

The processing of the collected data is carried out by Neosoft's internal staff authorized to process it according to specific instructions given in compliance with current legislation.

Your data will never be transferred to third parties, nor entered in the Bancomail Database, unless they were spontaneously conferred on this website in the Be Part form (Support section) or acquired through other authorized sources, in any case prior communication.

However, it's possible that some of your data may be shared by us with trusted providers, needed to send on our behalf email communications and advertisements. We only share the minimum necessary information and it's not allowed to third parties to use your information for other purpose than those indicated in our Privacy Policy. In any case, the data will never be widespread.

How the data are stored and for how long?

The data are processed using computerized or automated tools, with logics strictly related to the aforesaid purposes for which the personal data were collected in order to guarantee their security, integrity, confidentiality and traceability.

The management and storage of personal data operate on servers located inside and outside the European Union owned and / or available to Neosoft and / or delegated third-party companies, duly appointed as data controllers. The transfer of data abroad to non-EU countries takes place in accordance with the GDPR provisions.

The data are stored for the necessary time to manage the purposes for which they are collected, in compliance with current regulations and legal obligations.

Exercise of rights on data processing

At any time (if there aren't law limitations) you can request the access to data, cancellation, modification or update of all the information collected by Neosoft, exercising the right to limit the processing and data portability, by sending an e-mail to or

Supply agreement


The company Neosoft Srl (hereinafter referred to as Neosoft), incorporated under the laws of Italy, headquartered in Genoa, via Casaregis 30, registered with the Company Register of Genoa under no. 398030, Tax code and VAT ID no. 01288440991
- on the one part


The enterprise, company, legal person as indicated in the data entered in the order from (hereinafter referred to as Customer)
- on the other part

Article 1 - Preamble

For the purposes of this agreement, the Customer hereby declares to be aware that:

a) Bancomail is a Neosoft business unit, as well as its websites, and related rights; The Bancomail brand and the website are entirely property of Neosoft.

b) for the purposes of this Agreement, any document, data, product, transaction -also via Internet - using Bancomail's name, trademark, logo or other similar material, are to be considered of exclusive relevance and liability of Neosoft, for which they constitute a valid equivalence in all respects without limitations or exclusions, except in the event of unlawful use by unauthorized third parties.

Article 2 - Purpose

The main purpose of this agreement is the trading (both on and off line) of company directories (hereinafter referred to as "Data"). Secondarily, the agreement regards software products and/or consulting services connected or related to the main purpose (hereinafter referred to as "Products"). As for that which is not specifically provided for in the following clauses, the provisions set forth in the Code of Civil Procedure concerning sale and purchase agreements (Articles 1470 and following of the Code of Civil Procedure) shall apply.

Article 3 - The Customer qualification

The Customer hereby declares that he/she is entering into this sale and purchase agreement for purposes exclusively connected to his/her activity as en entrepreneur or professional.

Article 4 - Payment terms and conditions

The price for the purchase of Data shall be paid as follows:

a) in case of on-line sale, in a single solution when the contract is completed by bank transfer, on-line credit card or credit card via telephone.

b) in case of off-line sale, otherwise, with an advanced bank transfer.

C) in case of different agreement, if validated by Neosoft's Management by written notification, with deferred methods that may vary according to the order features.

Article 5 - Warranty

Neosoft guarantees:

a) the functionality of the email addresses related to the data under this contract. The warranty is valid for 60 (sixty) days of the receipt of the database and conditioned by the compliance of the terms on page:

b) the lawfulness of the collection and subsequent processing of data in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, EU Regulation 2016/679) and with current national laws.

c) any liability or warranty other than those provided for above is excluded, without prejudice to the limits referred to in Art. 1229 of the Code of Civil Procedure.

Article 6 - Delivery times

Delivery time can change due to the checks that Neosoft carries on after the purchase. Those checks are performed to ensure the validity of the Data provided to the Customer. Neosoft shall not be held accountable for any delay directly or indirectly caused by such checks; nevertheless any such delay is a binding part of this agreement. By signing this agreement, the Customer hereby gives its consent.

Article 7 - After-sale service

Should the Customer need to ask for a copy of the goods purchased, said copy shall be provided by Neosoft free of charge, provided that it is possible to do so in compliance with the provisions, otherwise an additional cost shall be established at the time of the request. The customer has the duty to keep Data and Products safe along with a safety backup.

Article 8 - Use of data. Liability

The use of the Data and/or Products of this agreement is limited only to the activities permitted by the current legislation, in particular the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, EU Regulation 2016/679) and current national laws.

Should the Data be used for unlawful activities or in a way that is not compliant with the regulation, Neosoft reserves the right to take actions against the Customer and holds itself harmless from any liability towards third parties.

Article 9 - Payments delay

If, for any reason, the payment is not made within the established period (see Art. 4), Neosoft shall be entitled to late payment interests at the rate set in art. 5, D.lg. 9/10/2002, n. 231.

Article 10 - Obligation to hold harmless

The Customer undertakes to refund, indemnify and/or hold harmless Neosoft, as well as its employees, collaborators, and legal representatives in any capacity, in the event of claims and/or legal actions taken against Neosoft before any court due to an unlawful use of the Data or otherwise not complying with Bancomail Policies*.

Article 11 - Processing of personal data - Law no. 196/03

To the extent necessary, since under the current legislation the definition of “personal data” relates exclusively to natural persons, the Customer agrees that Neosoft Srl will provide for the data processing in accordance with current legislation and, as referred on the Privacy disclosure pursuant to Art 13 the of the Italian Privacy Code, with no need to acquire the Customers' express consent (in accordance with Art. 13 the Italian Privacy Code) because, inter alia, the treatment of such data is necessary to implement a contract, which Customer is a part of, exclusively to carry out the listed services, including fiscal and tax obligations and service communications. The data provision is mandatory to allow the fulfillment of the legal obligations. Neosoft authorizes the same treatment of its data by the Customer.

Article 12 - Claims

Withdrawal right of does not apply to B2B transactions for Professional Customers. In any case, given the characteristics of reproducibility and, in particular, the transfer of Data, the action of Database Downloading is tracked and confirms the Customer's willingness to purchase, preventing any "afterthoughts". For any defects, the following instructions and the Guarantees described in Article 5 (Guarantees) are guaranteed.

Upon receiving the Products and/or Data, the Customer shall immediately verify the conditions and conformity thereof. Any errors shall be reported to Neosoft within and not later than seven days of detecting them. The Customer shall agree any checks on complaints. To be more precise, Data must be provided in the same format used to deliver them and possibly reported on the same document the customer received from Neosoft.

Article 13 - Transferability

Neosoft can transfer to third parties all or part of the rights and obligations undertaken pursuant to this supply agreement. Neosoft reserves the right to verify the methods of transfer of the products and/or services to third parties and can stop it if necessary.

Article 14 - Applicable law. Competent court

This agreement is regulated by the laws of Italy. The Court of Genoa shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising out of or in connection with the interpretation, implementation or resolution of this agreement.

Article 15 - Miscellaneous provisions

These provisions replace any previous agreement concerning the supply of data, products and services specified in the Purpose (see Art. 2 above) by Neosoft. Any change and/or integration to these provisions shall be registered in a written agreement signed by both parties.
* can be viewed at the web page: